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A screenwriter by profession; a storyteller by nature, Abner Kelley has a passion for horror stories, and he loves putting his characters in situations from which they struggle to escape. Without scripts produced so far, Abner has three scripts that were either finalists, semifinalists, or officially selected for festivals.

Scripts By Abner

In a Dark Place
A writer suffers an accident and wakes up in a hospital where he starts to have visions mixing fantasy and reality, causing him to believe the place is not what it appears to be.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 107pp
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The Walk
Colin, a seventeen-year-old devotee Christian comes to terms with his own sexuality.
Short Drama For sale 10pp
As two sisters struggle to come to grips with their third sister's death, an unknown and unsettling presence manifests in their home.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 91pp