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AC Maki
Santa Fe, United States

Mäki’s time working on the racetrack provided inspiration for her feature script and American Zoetrope quarterfinalist, IN YOUR BLOOD. Maki got her start in San Francisco, working in the deadline-heavy world of TV News. The Nebraska native holds an MFA in screenwriting from the Institute of American Indian Arts.

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Scripts By AC

After being swallowed by a sinkhole only miles from suburbia, one woman uses her remaining thirteen matches to burn her material items, in order of importance, to escape her sealed, dark death in a cave.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller For sale 88pp
3 readers love this script
In Your Blood
His mob family thinks he’s dead… now this lucky, gangster cowboy vows to protect the daughter he never knew he had, as she plots to become the first woman trainer to win the Kentucky Derby.
Feature Crime, Drama, History, Sport, Thriller For sale 102pp
2 readers love this script
When two female German defectors can’t secure a Francophile’s credit card in Paris, they risk their one chance to live the American dream.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 81pp
1 reader loves this script
FURRY FAMILY REUNION (extended family edition)
An extended family gets together for a family reunion only to discover they have more secrets than anyone suspected.
Short Comedy Available for Free 18pp
1 reader loves this script
Honorary Male
Scared of living a life alone, a washed-up, gullible drag queen is bamboozled by a sneaky nursing home resident, who guarantees he’ll find a lifelong partner if he hangs up his stilettos for one month.
Feature Comedy, Romance Seeking finance 99pp
A troubled, tech-savvy girl teams up with a discarded virtual pet to save his siblings from becoming real dogs.
Feature Action, Adventure, Animation In development 94pp