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Adam Brauer

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Adam Brauer
Las Vegas, United States

In a nutshell, I'm a Virgo, have appeared on two game shows, had Nancy O'Dell scream out my name on the Red carpet, started a company, started another company, slept in the lobby of Brussels Airport, played in the World Series of Poker, spent seven years practicing law, was a salesman at Crazy Eddies, drove a limo, worked in a warehouse shipping dresses, was a celebrity escort and oh yeah, did some work in TV where I got nominated for two Emmys.  These days I spend my time as a stay at home dad with two kids in college writing scripts and recording a podcast.  I have completed two screenplays and a pilot for an off network sitcom.  


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Scripts By Adam

A post nervous breakdown lawyer, now enjoying a life centered around therapy, golf and his two friends, becomes a stay at home dad to his college bound kids when his ex-wife returns to work.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 39pp
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