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Adam Rocke
Los Angeles, United States

A "literary mercenary" with a highly unusual skill set, and a Rolodex filled with fascinating, oftentimes dangerous people amassed during two decades of high-octane participatory journalism, Adam has authored hundreds of feature articles for innumerable major domestic and international publications, and more than 50 books (fiction and nonfiction, credited and ghosted).

Adam lives by the simple creed: “Life is too short to write boring stories."

Scripts By Adam

Necessary Evil
A child must commit a terrible crime to keep an even greater atrocity from occurring.
Short Sci-Fi, Thriller Available for Free 5pp
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The School
The world's most clandestine private school, tasked with grooming America's next generation of spies and assassins, finds its newest star pupil - 12-year-old prodigy Simon Fleck - and quickly come to regret it.
Feature Action, Drama For sale 110pp
6 readers love this script
A deeply troubled young man confronts the "origin" of his struggles, but some sins can't be forgiven.
Short Drama, Thriller Available for Free 11pp
5 readers love this script
Fuck You, Michael Vick!
The four Pit Bulls of the Apocalypse teach convicted dog-fighter/torturer/murderer Michael Vick that paybacks are a bitch. Mashup of iconic scenes from some of Hollywood's most famous films - all "reimagined" with anti-Vick venom.
Feature Animation, Comedy For sale 94pp
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Steven Seagal: Psychic Warrior
The aging action star pitches his telekinetic services to the CIA.
Short Comedy For sale 10pp
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Game of Thrones - In East LA
Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen run afoul of the notorious White Fence Mexican gang while visiting East Los Angeles.
Short Comedy For sale 7pp
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What If God Was One Of Us?
God returns to Earth to see the state of humanity.
Short Drama For sale 12pp
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During a Mayan ruins excavation in the Yucatan jungle, three American teens discover a benevolent creature from the distant past, and soon learn the fate of the world is in their hands.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 62pp
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The Man Who Sold The World
In the not-so-distant future, a regular "Joe" has a secret that could save the world, but it might get him killed first.
TV Pilot Action, Sci-Fi For sale 47pp
The Death Dealer
A millennial billionaire takes his three best friends on a hunting trip for the only trophy he's never bagged: man. Inspired by real events, and Adam's Maxim cover feature about hunting poachers in Africa.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller For sale 96pp