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Adrian Davies

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Adrian Davies
Orlando, United States

After successfully helping others execute their dreams, I now live my own, writing powerful stories that make people think in the sunny state of Florida.  



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Scripts By Adrian

Deliver Us From Evil
Captured by the CIA, a former IRA sniper who works the Mercenary Circuit must infiltrate a major terror cell to learn of the plot that will start a Holy War.
Feature Thriller For sale 98pp
Those Who Trespass Against Us
A Catholic teenager is raped by a British soldier which is covered up by the British Government, but she forms a bond with an agnostic Priest who helps avenge her loss.
Feature Drama For sale 100pp
The Guardian
The daughter of a Geneticist who lead the Nazi Super Human program learns of his recent death having attended his funeral in 1970 and meets his partner who bestows her with ‘God-like’ powers.
TV Pilot Drama Under Option 98pp
Three Addicts and a Legend
Three addicts and an emotionally-intelligent con man put their colorful lives on hold to help their former prison psychiatrist from a powerful and psychopathic London Gangster.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Thriller Under Option 99pp
Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out
A feared IRA sniper returns to Belfast for her Brothers funeral and learns of evidence that the current Prime Minister was the triggerman in her family’s death's in 1985.
Feature Action, Adventure, Thriller Under Option 96pp
Longsight Lads
Fresh out of prison, a luckless ex-con is forced to take part in a major heist, but the loot goes missing and the psychopathic Mastermind gives him 48 hours or else.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller Under Option 103pp
Magic Park
A beloved hospice worker uses her last weeks of life to take her checked-out Wall St. husband on a journey to where he sacrificed his dreams of stardom in order to raise their young family.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Romance Under Option 94pp