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Adrian Muscat
Canberra, Australia

Adrian Muscat began his filmmaking journey in 2009 when he co-created Short Story Big Screen - a multicultural filmmaking program designed to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together. Over the past 11 years he has been commissioned to create documentary films for clients in a wide range of styles, forms and themes, as well as writing, directing and producing a number of short narrative films.

Adrian’s directorial debut was on the short documentary film Phoenix Rising (which he also co-produced). The film was a finalist at the 2011 Lights Canberra Action Film Festival. Prior to that he co-produced Captain of the Team, a Canberra short film competition finalist.

In 2013 he wrote and directed the short drama Stand Up and Fight. That same year he was director of photography on the short documentary Spooks in Suburbia. Both films were made as part of the Screen and Media Certificate IV at Metro Screen in Sydney.

In August 2013 he directed, produced and edited a short documentary, Deb, a film about an Aboriginal woman’s experiences of homelessness in Canberra.

Adrian recently co-wrote and co-produced Screen ACT’s Locks Of Love feature film anthology. The films stars include Melbourne based comedians Colin Lane and Cal Wilson as well as Sydney singer/songwriter Abby Dobson.

Adrian will continue to develop and create mission-driven films for foundation, nonprofit and cultural institutions as well as focusing on his passion of writing and directing short and feature length narrative films.

In 2013 Adrian co-created production company Red Gadget Films with his partner Tina Costessi. They have gone on to write, direct and produce a number of short films including, Sunday, Tarot, and Reunion (all of these films were finalists at the Lights Canberra Action film festival over the last three years.

Adrian's latest film he is directing and producing, Abigail: Zombie Hunter, written by U.S. writer Joe Camalari, is currently in production. Adrian plans to enter the film into a number of festivals later in 2020.

As a producer, Adrian is always on the lookout for great short stories and hopes to also make a feature film in the not too distant future. 

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