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Al Moreno
Miami, United States

Busy, single dad attempting to break into the wonderful world of the Industry. I have had some wonderful experiences producing Off-Broadway theater, animations and shorts with Mr. David Frankel ( Really glad I once took a class on being a script reader. Good luck to all, reach out to me if you need. Cheers, AM.

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Scripts By Al

Kangaroo Time (Brit version)
A bi-racial, hedonistic med student may be forced to give up his dream of becoming a doctor when his girlfriend abandons their newborn.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 85pp
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Kangaroo Time (USA version)
After his baby-mamma abandons their newborn, a star, but hedonistic med student must put becoming a doctor on hold to look after their 4lb preemie.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 84pp
1 reader loves this script