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Alan Mehanna 08 Nov 2016 4

We are all too familiar with the paralysis that comes with a blank page waiting for us to adorn it with the finest prose we can muster. There is so much for a screenwriter to consider when constructing a scene, yet time and time again we focus too much of our energy into a paranoia over superficialities. We know all that really matters is story, so what's the answer to beat paralysis by analysis? Here Alan Mahenna makes a strong case for putting aside the fear of failure and accepting that writing badly is a huge step forward toward writing well - CJ

Alan Mehanna 02 Nov 2016 2

Alan Mehanna approached me after the last Script Revolution newsletter, offering to guest blog and giving me a link to the articles on his personal website. What I found was a treasure trove of thought pieces that really resonated with me. This is my favourite so far and puts forward the question that maybe we expect too much sometimes and that expectation turns us cynical. It certainly cause me to stop and thing, and I'm certainly looking forward to more from Alan in the future - CJ