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Alexander Valentin
Los Angeles, United States

Alexander Valentin was born and raised in a small Southern California town. He began writing from a very young age-- short stories, song lyrics, essays, reflections and more. Most writings ended up in the trash bin but his pleasure from writing never faded. After high school, he skipped college and went to live in Hawai'i, where he decided that he would pursue a career in the film industry.

Working on set as a background actor in HawaI'I FIVE-0, Valentin thought his place in film was as an actor. Four years after moving to Hawai'i, he moved to Los Angeles, where he would briefly pursue a career in acting. He quickly learned that he had a bigger passion that superceded his infatuation with acting. He wanted to be behind the camera, but he wasn't sure where. He decided he would go to film school to figure it out.

While, enrolled in film school, Valentin picked up Screenplay by Syd Field. Shortly after finishing it, he would write his first ten-page screenplay that would eventually become a finalist in the LA Indie Film Festival. He kept writing and quickly outgrew the curriculum and decided to drop out of film school and devote his efforts towards writing screenplays.

Valentin has since, been networking and working on film sets closely with the American Film Institute. He continues to work on his craft while earning money working in the industry in any way possible. He hopes that one day he will become a produced screenwriter. 


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