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Alexandra Keister
Albany, United States

Alexandra Keister is a comedy screenwriter who occasionally dips into drama.  She believes every genre benefits from a little crossover and everyone needs to laugh, cry, and occasionally scream. 

Alexandra writes not only for her own catharsis, but for others to share in feeling and overcoming – even if it’s only to escape for a few minutes and forget the doldrums that can be everyday life.

In 2021, she placed as a top ten finalist in Writer Duet's 48-Hour Screenplay Summer Throwdown, and won the Reddit portion of the competition. 

In 2020, she placed in the top 15 of ScreenCraft's Comedy Contest for her feature comedy, "Def Sheppard," about a selfish pastor who dies and goes to Purgatory while a rock 'n roll-loving demon inhabits his Earthly body and runs the church.  

In 2020, her short comedy, "What I Did on Rumspringa" was read and critiqued on the Six Page Scripts Podcast.  That episode can be found here (Season 1; Episode 15):

In 2019, she won Willamette Writers’ FilmLabTV Webseries Pilot Competition, and her short, “The Talk,” went on to be produced in Portland and is now circulating festivals (and not doing too shabby, either).

In 2017, she placed third overall in the NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Competition against ~1,000 writers (and she recommends the competition to any screenwriter who wants to sharpen their craft!). 

Alexandra aims for brevity, punchy dialogue and snappy action. 

Alexandra also hates speaking in the third person and feels like Gollum doing so.

*slaps fish against a rock*

**hopes you enjoy her work**

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