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Alistair Hudson
Singapore, Singapore

I have lived in the UK, Honduras, Taiwan, and currently reside in Singapore. I've worked in the events industry for over a decade, and gained degrees in English Literature, Mandarin Chinese, and a Master's degree in International Relations & Diplomacy. 

Throughout this period, I have written in my spare time - usually bleary-eyed before the morning sun rises, or last thing at night after a long day of toil. When I'm not writing or working, I like to surf, dive or go mountain climbing. I have completed four scripts, and with every project attempt to deploy an authentic tone which has been shaped by my life experience thus far. 

My goal is to enter the screenwriting profession, to become as competent at the craft as my abilities allow, and to collaborate witih filmmakers to bring exciting projects to life. And, of course, to enjoy the journey!

It's great to meet you all. Please reach out to me via Script Revolution to discuss any current or upcoming projects! 

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