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Ana Moreira
London, United Kingdom

I'm a daydreamer, whose mind is a non-stop Neverland. A problem-solver who loves brainstorming and being creative. I’m passionate about writing and since my mind is constantly making its own films I figured I should make better use of it. 

I've been screenwriting (on spec) for the past two years and it has been an incredible experience. There’s nothing like the thrill of allowing our imagination to flow into the creation of something from scratch.

I'm invested in stories that are character-driven and show ourselves as our worst antagonists, since 95% of the time that's what we are. I like to explore mental health issues and all the self-struggle that comes with them, as well as family connections, relationships and trauma. 

My intention is to make something meaningful. I believe art is more than entertainment, it's a way to deliver a message; to educate; to make people feel seen, understood, represented; to evoke emotions; to bring clarity and hope. 

The past year has proved that this industry is ready - and craving - for stories with layered female leads. Stories that aren't afraid of exploring our deepest thoughts and fears. Stories that show how vulnerable we all are. Stories that explore mental health issues and demystify them. Stories that do this whilst proving that inclusion and diversity are a strength. Stories that will relate to everyone struggling and hopefully inspire them to fight whatever struggle they're facing.  

Looking for those who share the same views to team up to make this true.  

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