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Andrew Abdou
Long Island City, United States

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Scripts By Andrew

Cairene Dreams
In 1950’s Egypt, a young writer finds that his uncle's magic elixir does more than cure writer's block when it starts to bring his characters to life.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Romance For sale 120pp
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Can't Mumbai Me Love
An Indian-American pretends to have recently immigrated from Mumbai in order to comfort. his Indian patient at the hospital. However, he falls for the patient's granddaughter and must figure out how to maintain his deception.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 102pp
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Isolation Vacation
At the risk of revealing lies he’s harbored throughout the pandemic, an old man opens up to his granddaughter, who is his only hope of reclaiming a lost love after a life lived through grudges.
Short Comedy, Romance Available for Free 12pp
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Expiration Dating
A serial long-term dater who happens to be an e-dating entrepreneur of epic proportions devises a plan to limit the length of his relationships to only 90 days.
Feature Comedy, Romance Available for Free 80pp