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I find writing to be a unique form of artistic expression because of the degree of intimacy that the creator shares with their work. It's phenomenal how underlying components of a writer's personal life can emanate through their words, obliviously. 

Having tremendous respect for the craft, I've found just as much enjoyment in reading other's scripts as I do in writing my own. I'm grateful to be a part of the community of writers here at Script Revolution. While I hope to turn my avocation into a career, meanwhile, I do my best to communicate ideas that are gripping and imaginative. Capturing the flaws and spontaneities of everyday life, I believe,  is crucial to incorporate into fiction. 

I feel that I entered the realm of screenwriting by way of a "perfect storm." Structure, vocabulary and imagination have always been my strong suits. Combined with a fondness for movies and the thought of bringing my film ideas to fruition, I plan to write for the remainder of my days. 




Scripts By Andrew

A woman takes a police escort into Mexico to see her critically injured mother, finding herself caught in a volatile web between two vicious cartels, an unhinged army veteran and a bloodthirsty creature.
Feature Action, Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 108pp
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The Llanos
As authorities pursue them across the Colombian Llanos, four ayahuasca traffickers encounter a macabre legend.
Feature Action, History, Horror, War For sale 90pp
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