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Andrew Marshall
Phoenix, United States

I graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in psychology in 2008 and went on to receive a M. Ed. in school counseling from Ottawa University. I have been an educator in a high needs schools for the past decade, and I use that as inspiration for much of my writing.

I have several produced short films from around the world and my television show, Astro Alyssa, is currently in production. I have placed in several reputable writing competitions in various formats. My feature horror-thriller, Fallout, was recently a finalist in the Filmmatic Horror Contest. My feature film, Retrograde, was a finalist in the Shore Scripts Feature competition and the Screencraft Action and Thriller Contest. My one hour TV pilot, Mason, was a finalist in the Screencraft Pilot Launch Contest, Creative World Awards and the Fresh Voices Contest. You can find some of my short films on my website.


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Scripts By Andrew

Two injured women seek help from a pair of strangers only to discover that they are dangerous criminals on the run.
Feature Crime, Mystery, Thriller For sale 85pp
4 readers love this script
When a crooked cop is coerced into taking out a rival gang leader, his determined wife is thrust into a world of organized crime in order to save their daughter from the fallout.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 53pp
When someone spikes a friend's drink, they make some unintended discoveries.
Short Comedy, Crime, Thriller Under Option 3pp
1 reader loves this script
When two friends decide to rob their rich boss, they get more than they bargained for.
Short Comedy, Crime Under Option 6pp
When a man awakes to find himself alone in a shallow grave in the remote woods, he must quickly find out where he is and who wants him dead before it’s too late.
Short Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller Available for Free 10pp
1 reader loves this script
When a deep sea voyager crashes, two men must make tough decisions in order to conserve oxygen long enough for help to arrive.
Short Thriller Available for Free 7pp
1 reader loves this script
When a blind man is the victim of malicious pranks, he decides to finally take action.
Short Thriller Available for Free 2pp
1 reader loves this script
A young hitman tries to prove he’s ready for high profile missions.
Short Comedy Available for Free 4pp
1 reader loves this script
Doug stays home to have his favorite night out.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 2pp
When a man receives a spam phone call he decides to let them have it.
Short Comedy Available for Free 1pp