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Andrew Spence
Philadelphia, United States

Ever since I was young, I've had a desire for telling stories. I've never felt at peace doing anything else. I have been fortunate enough to attend institutions that allowed me to take classes tailored to this desire. These taught me formal techniques and how to most effectively implement them. Now I seek to get my writing out into the world and tell the stories that I've been thinking of my whole life. I tend to write mysteries with supernatural flourishes but nothing is off the table. I look forward to a career in writing and won't stop until I get one.

Here's a link to my portfolio website.

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Scripts By Andrew

The Rabbit
A hitman retires to Scotland, hoping to leave a life of violence behind him. This goal gets thrown out the window when he becomes the target of a mysterious figure, known only as "The Rabbit".
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller Seeking finance 71pp
The Reunion
Several friends meet up for the first time in twenty years. Though their evening is initially quite pleasant, it soon devolves into a violent nightmare.
Feature Mystery, Thriller Seeking finance 112pp