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Andy Golub

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Andy Golub
Chicago, United States

My three main goals in the film industry, in order of importance:
1. To do excellent work
2. To receive fair pay for this work
3. To receive proper credit for this work

I've earned a degree in film with a concentration in screenwriting, read and judged for several contests, had spec scripts optioned, and been produced as a writer-for-hire.

I also provide paid coverage/analysis, script doctoring/polishing, and rewriting/development services. If interested please message me for details.


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Scripts By Andy

Dead Space
The captain of a deep space transport must discover who sabotaged her ship and is killing off her crew before she becomes the final victim.
Feature Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 99pp
1 reader loves this script
What The Heart Wants
A demoness in a human body, tasked with ridding the world of evil men while forbidden to form bonds with mortals, meets a decent guy she could actually fall for.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Romance For sale 96pp
Touch & Go
Three intertwining tales of a bartender, a fashion student, and a baseball-playing pre-teen, plus the chance encounter which connects them.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 91pp