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Anthony Cawood

Award-winning screenwriter with one feature in post-production, two further features optioned and currently working on a thriller which will shoot in late 2017 in Nigeria. In addition to features, he has over forty short scripts produced/sold/optioned - including eight filmed.
Also pens screenwriting articles, interviews with writers and filmmakers, and the occasional short story.
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Shootin' The Shorts Reviews

Anthony is a Shootin' The Shorts reviewer, which means they take time out to help bring attention to other writer's short scripts they believe need to be produced. How cool is that? Here are all the reviews they've written.

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Scripts By Anthony

Fridge Feeder
A desperate woman turns to technology to help her diet, however the AI tech has other ideas of how to help.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
3 readers love this script
A desperate mother to be must trade with the Native American wise woman that her family wronged many years ago.
Short Drama, Western For sale 8pp
1 reader loves this script
Doormat Smiles
Why are strange S&M photos being sent to David through the post? Who is sending them and who is the hooded woman in the pictures?
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 15pp
1 reader loves this script
Dog Years
The barrier guards at the Large Hadron Collider make a strange discovery that makes them stop and wonder... just for a moment.
Short Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 5pp
1 reader loves this script
Bump in the Night
A foul mouthed burglar picks the wrong house and the wrong couple to mess with.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 9pp
1 reader loves this script
Pond Life
Rumours of a strange creature entice two young friends to explore the distant woodland copse and the pond deep within it.
Short Horror For sale 7pp
1 reader loves this script
A Face in the Crowd
A man who works with state secrets is dogged by a dark shadow that has secrets of its own.
Short Drama, Thriller For sale 8pp
Teddy Bear
An elderly immigrant moves to a new home, will it be different this time or will he suffer the small minded bigotry that has dogged his entire life?
Short Drama For sale 15pp
Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure
A desperate cleithrophobiac discovers that his fears could be a blessing in disguise when a late night cab ride detours into hell.
Short Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 8pp
Visiting Day
A grieving female cop must save the survivors, and her partner when the undead inmates of a secure nursing facility escape during a power cut.
Feature Horror For sale 95pp