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Anthony Fertino

I have written 30 completed features, 10 shorts, and 2 pilots. My greatest strengths are Suspense, Science-Fiction, and Drama. I am flexible, enthusiastic, dutiful, and efficient. I typically write a feature in 3-4 weeks. A short film could take 1-2 days.

I am a film analyst, and a novelist with two completed books. I previously worked as an online film critic for Screen Rant, Screenpicks and My screenplays have been considered at reputable companies such as Voltage Pictures, Farah Films, Varient, and many more. My love for literature since an early age has largely inspired my goals as a screenwriter today, and I look forward to collaborating with others who live and breathe cinema the way I do.

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Scripts By Anthony

After a young woman's husband dies in an accident, she guiltily visits her ongoing lover to end the lesbian affair.
Short Drama, Romance For sale 4pp
1 reader loves this script
The Plunge
The newly engaged Alan and Kelly, an aspiring musician and a chef, are framed for killing a diplomat and bumble through a series of farcical, perilous events in the American Midwest and France.
Feature Action, Comedy, Romance For sale 119pp
1 reader loves this script
After a shy young woman has a one night stand, she awakes to find her partner gone—and framed for murder on the news. She is his only alibi, putting her in the real killer's crosshairs.
Short Thriller For sale 12pp
1 reader loves this script
A teenage girl suffers from a condition that keeps her blood abnormally cold, trapping her in a temperature-regulated bedroom—but the cause may actually be paranormal.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 8pp
1 reader loves this script
Debra and Peter argue about her infidelity while out camping, when they’re accosted by a Demon Hunter who claims Debra’s possessed and dangerous. When they miraculously escape, Peter grows suspicious of his wife. Twist ending.
Short Drama, Horror For sale 10pp
A teenager, adjusting to life after an abusive father, finds herself at odds with her mother when she believes she’s being haunted. But the threat may be far worse than a ghost in the night.
Short Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 20pp
The Warrior's Beloved
Dawn and Moon are successful assassins, until Moon quits for a tranquil married life. Lovelorn, Dawn recruits the vengeful relatives of his past victims to devastate his new life, while a gifted Inspector pursues.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 106pp
A struggling young actor moves in with his judgmental uncle, and falls for an unavailable journalist. When unexplained bird attacks escalate, inciting the worst of humanity, he traverses Los Angeles to get to her.
Feature Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance For sale 117pp
Fateful Heritage
The last of humanity is shipwrecked on an exoplanet, which bestows powers on some. Centuries later, a prince commits patricide, subjugating everyone—so a young laborer races to reawaken an ancient hero and rescue his newlywed.
Feature Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 116pp
Shrouded Fathoms
After a family in Florida loses their home, they move in with an insufferable relative—a secluded, racist poacher. Chaos ensues when they provoke a strange, nearby creature that is abnormally adaptive.
Feature Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 104pp