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Anthony Rodriguez
Chicago, United States

I was born and raised in Chicago. My mother gave birth to me when she was 9 days, 16 years of age. As a child, I witnessed prostitutes' robbing drunks on skid row, Maxwell street hawkers aggressively selling to passing crowds. I've been witness to acts of violence on Taylor street and Little Village areas, ie. bottle broken over heads, gun shot victims, stabbing victims, victims of mob beatings. I survived the sixties of protest and riots.

1960 to 1977, I had every job imaginable from delivering newspapers to door to door salesmen to junk collector to Taxi driver. As a kid, I would work the carnivals when they came to the neighborhood.

Feb. 16, 1977 to October 31, 2015, became a member of the Chicago Fire Department.  As ordered by the Federal Government, the City of Chicago was forced to hire Minority applicants. I was part of the first class comprised of 50% minorities, We were at first, hated. Through the lessons of hard work, I eventually gained the respect of most of my peers.

  • I fought fires and provided medical services in the busiest districts in the city. (West Lake and Austin areas)
  • !984 I became a fire investigator. I investigated thousands of fires in my 6 year stint as fire investigator. I worked with numerous police agencies which include the ATF, FBI, IBI.
  • I am classified as an expert witness in fire cause and origin.
  • Private investigator for Probe, Inc.
  • I am the first investigator in Chicago to use a video recorder at the scene of an fire investigation, using audio to describe what I was looking at, within the chain of evidence. These videos were considered evidence in a court of law and often used in court. I am very proud of this.
  • Fire Instructor for the City Of Chicago, having trained 800+ fire candidates.
  • I taught all facets of fire fighting.  I Specialized in breathing apparatus and rescue techniques.
  • As Lieutenant of Engine57 (Western and Division), I am very proud that every fire fighter on my company roster was promoted to Lieutenant due to our intensive training.

2000 to 2013, As a successful fire fighter I also was a successful owner of Design Construction company.  We specialized in repairing and painting areas that were considered hazardous, ie. auditoriums, pool areas, high inaccessible areas.  NEVER had an accident on the job. I am very proud of that.

2010 to 2015, I created Anthony's Own Liqueurs. We manufactured Liqueurs made with NO ARTIFICIAL ingredients. Our factory was located at 2051 w. Fulton Ave. Chicago.  The purpose of the company was to make a profit and employ disabled adults.  When I was a arson investigator, ATF agents (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) would ride with us for experience because we had so many fires in Chicago. I learned the liquor business from the ATF agents.

2016 to present, Began my acting career as an extra on Chicago med.  Attended Chicago Actors Studio School

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