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Anthony Rodriguez
Chicago, United States

Retired Chicago fire fighter turned actor, script writer.  I draw from my life experiences and/or history to create my works.  I grew up in an area of Chicago called Taylor street.  Men on horse drawn wagons sold fruit and vegetables.  Peddlers walk the streets and sell their wares.  Buses ran on overhead electrical wires.  I've watched pay phones and camera film replaced by cellphones and digital format.  I've never been a good student but always loved learning.  I've been blessed to serve mankind, perform good deeds and get payed well for it.  I've lived a good life.  I hope to make many friends here.

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Scripts By Anthony

American Heroes - Garrett Morgan
An action packed documentary of an American hero for all everyone.  Born to slaves, Garrett Morgan, hero of the Cleveland Water Works Disaster of 1916.
Feature Biography For sale 99pp
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