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Anthony Scannell

Throughout the years in the Mercantile Industry’s I completed a variety of tasks including: sales, teaching new employees, and office managing duties.  Among all of the printing, designing, folding, mailing, etc., I also was in charge of the ordering for the printing departments I ran.  
    I handled customers with care and patients.  Went above expectations with customer reviews, both with management and online review sites.  My talents with graphic design had an artistic creative side, which had marketing appeal for client’s customers, bringing in many of their own.  I am always willing to create, and design smaller projects for customers on the spot, while helping others.  I put time aside to help with regular print and copy customers to insure returning and new customers.  
    My experience in packaging and receiving, helped artists get their work packaged and delivered on-time to museums and clients, in a timely, and safe / delicate manner.  I was  always to go-to person for this, making me a valuable, and well-trained employee.  My years of sales training, helped boost the packaging and shipping for the stores I worked in, and my polite, friendly services, always had customers adding on new products, like banners, fliers, and / or cards.