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Aray Brown
Orlando, United States

Allow me to introduce myself. 
I'm a creative who is transitioning over to digital creator. I've been writing for a long time, prose mostly but always had a story to tell.
In 2008, I collaborated with Juan Shannon of Modern Tribe Communications for the screenplay adaptation to his book, West Bloomfield.
In 2013, I self published a compilation of my poems.
In 2014, I published my first novel, Blood Is Thicker Than Water, which i consider my stepping stone.
In March 2016, I started with an idea that cultivated into a pilot.
After four years of fine tuning and building relationships, that pilot turned into a web series. I realized i didn't want to wait for permission anymore. I want to forge my own path by controlling my own content.
All Saints is a series that is inspired by my toxic family. It deals with human behavior, mental illness and what makes someone a monster. And above all else, generational  curses that never belonged to us.
I just want to tell stories and inspire people. Aspire to inspire , right?

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Scripts By Aray

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All Saints
Series: A young woman raised in an ancient deadly cult must escape her fate of becoming its next assassin and discover her destiny to save the world before it's too late.
Web Series Pilot Drama, Thriller Seeking finance 30pp