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Aray Brown
Orlando, United States

I write thrillers and dramas and sometimes both. I write movies/shows i want to see, that kind that make you feel and make you think. The stories that garner your attention and hold it to the very end.
I grew up on Stephen King and Alfred Hitchock, and always wanted to emulate them while staying true to myself as a creative. My voice.
I started out with prose writing but screenwriting fed me more.
I wouldn't say i've had an exciting life but it has been challenging, coming from a middle child of a toxic family and having a disability since i was six months old.
When i'm not writing, i'm either cooking, binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix or taking care of my brother's dog.
I wrote a pilot based on my first and last novel, which over the years has grown into something bigger. I feel like i've been working on it for a decade. Malediction is a half hour pilot inspired by my toxic family. On a grander scale, it deals with mental illness and curses we need to escape from, whether generational or self inflicted. When a young woman and a flawed vigilante are involved in an ancient deadly cult, they must save each other to escape..and survive.
I'm working on a short, entitled, Breathe, which is a snippet of my life. A young girl comes to terms with her grandfather's death.
The Way Back is a drama feature. When a sole survivor of a plane crash wakes up from a 3 year old coma, he must get his family back or lose them forever.