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Ariel Mayer
New York City, United States

I am a self-taught writer and have been writing for over 6 years. I have written many scripts across a multitude of genres and I enjoy exploring different genres as each genre has something unique to offer. I worked as a creative consultant at Intrinsic Value Films from October 2019 to October of 2020 where I would read and analyze scripts that were in consideration for development. As of today, I am always working on a new script while also fine-tuning my older scripts.

Scripts By Ariel

Guilty Conscious
In the near future where the terminally ill have their consciousness placed into violent-criminal’s bodies, a detective spirals back into his addiction as he investigates the mysterious death of his oldest friend.
Feature Mystery For sale 119pp
Mob Boss
The daughter of a notorious mafioso unintentionally sparks a bloody gang war across six mafia families when she flees her father’s house.
Feature Action For sale 106pp
Forgotten Heroes
A group of veterans are driven to rob a casino to help their homeless brothers and sisters in need, but unresolved PTSD and greed turn a good idea into a tragic spiral of bloody death.
Feature Action For sale 105pp
A group of scientists investigate "Earth X", a new planet that people are superhuman on; however, the scientists dicover that those who don't thrive on this planet are slowly killed by it.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 98pp
Safe Haven
In a world where people with superhuman abilities are hunted, a secret summer camp exists for superpowered kids; when the camp is discovered, a superhuman hunter is sent, forcing the campers to fight for survival.
Feature Fantasy For sale 99pp