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Arthur L Burton III
Norfolk, United States

Arthur L Burton III has written several full feature length screenplays. He has written three novels, and worked as a freelance writer for The Bronx Times. Arthur has a Masters Degree in Education and is working on his PhD in the Philosophy of Education. Arthur works as an Information technology leader and has previously worked as an EMT and assisted injured people during the 911 disaster in New York City. Arthur has written a short screenplay called Penalty for Revenge. This is the second draft and is looking to become better at writing short stories to improve his full featured scripts. Arthur has transitioned from being a musician to becoming a writer and does not claim to be the best screenwriter but a great story teller. 

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Scripts By Arthur L

Athena's spirit from the past manifests inside her, this bullied teenager with a bad temper gains inhuman strength, a family tragedy causes her to become a superhero to stop an evil she knows nothing about.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy For sale 120pp
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Penalty for Revenge
A 16-year-old is sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend, gets pregnant, and seeks revenge, the perpetrator dies, she’s charged with two murders and her friend who can clear her cannot be found.
Short Drama, Family For sale 101pp
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