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Arturo Portillo

I am an award-winning screenwriter/actor. I recently won Best Screenplay in the 2016 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, OR with my script titled, AMONG US. A creature-feature in the vein of TREMORS and CRITTERS with a mix of GREMLINS. I wrote my first script when I was 11 years old and through the years, I perfected my writing, honed my skills and found my writing style. I have written over a dozen full-length screenplays and shorts. I have worked as an actor on several indie movies and studio movies. I am currently writing three scripts, one is a sequel to a horror/slasher film called DIE DIE DELTA PI, which is out for rent or own on Amazon Prime and other streaming sites. The second script is a grounded sci-fi time traveling story in the vein of Primer and the third script is a film noir set in the 1930s. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television News Production and have worked in local news stations as a camera operator, videographer, video editor and graphic designer. I am currently a freelance screenwriter, actor, movie editor, cinematographer, director and special effects make-up artist and dabble a little in visual effects. I am currently filming my first feature film titled, BEATEN. A script I wrote in 2007 which did well in film festivals.

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Scripts By Arturo

Among Us
An old government experiment goes bad in a small Texas town, unleashing giant insects to kill the locals.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 103pp
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