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Ashoka Chowta
Adelaide, Australia

Ashoka Chowta is an Adelaide born filmmaker who runs his own independent film production company AVANT EMPIRE. 

Ashoka studied Film and TV Production at TAFE SA Adelaide College Of The Arts in 2012.

He directed a segment called Dr Chang as part of a short called Linkr which was basically like a video version of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series.

He has produced and directed three short films, ‘Outdoors’, The Fair Weather Felon’ and ‘The Hitman’ which is currently in post production. Both ‘The Fair Weather Felon’ and ‘The Hitman’ were produced by the AVANT EMPIRE production company.

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Scripts By Ashoka

The Doppelganger
John’s loved ones tend to him in the hospital and Bruce’s twin journeys towards the organisers. Meanwhile, Diane makes a revelation to a detective.
Episode Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 1pp
Jack Sampson
A young deformed man's journey to living with dignity.
Feature Drama For sale 1pp
Fairydust Greenway and the Scruffy Guppy
A comedic fairytale about the Fairydust Greenway.
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 4pp
The Discovery
Scott Black and Jeanette Evans have a relationship discovery.
Episode Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 1pp
The Idiot
A voiceless unable to hear individual turns into a famous person before losing it all.
Feature Comedy For sale 1pp
A woman does everything she can to save her relationship with a neighbour.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 1pp
The Has-Been Actor
A has-been superhero actor tries to restart his diminishing career.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 1pp
The Tattered Torch
The secret of the tattered torch.
Feature Mystery For sale 1pp
The Missing Woman
A woman fakes her own death after surviving a car crash.
Episode Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 1pp
Space Warriors
A group of outer space felons are forced to work together to stop a dangerous fighter.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 1pp