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Asia Ponder

     For as long as I can remember I've been involved with some variation of the art of storytelling. My siblings and I would even makeup stories on the fly and perform them in ways only childhood imaginations could permit.  I have an insatiable need to tell stories that will not only entertain but elevate those watching.

    I was born in Kansas City, Missouri.  My mother moved our family back to California before I even learned to walk. We moved around a lot. Growing up I was almost always the new kid, which had certain perks. As a writer, I find this to be exceptionally helpful in building diversity into the characters I create. So I find it easy to adapt to different environments.  I love being around so many different kinds of people and cultures.

 I graduated with my AA Communications, and I find that it provides the necessary tools to create effective communication on and off-screen.  and I know this appreciation bleeds through when I write.

    I can write in any genre but my favorite is horror. I'm very passionate about it and feel that it's a great way to get across messages without force feeding them down. 

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