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Asmaa Jamil
Sterling Heights, United States

ASMAA JAMIL writes fiction and focuses on fantasy. Originally from Northern Iraq, Asmaa was born into the Chaldean Christian ethnic group before moving to the United States, where she grew up. Leaving the corporate world not long ago to focus on her writing full time, Asmaa draws on her experiences living and working in several different countries to influence her creative process. While abroad, Asmaa learned about other cultures and their unique traditions, a key role in her development as a writer. Raised in a family of storytellers, Asmaa always felt inspired by the power of a narrative. Specifically, she found that family stories were the most captivating, as they speak to audiences of all ages with ease. Not to mention, Asmaa likes that family stories foster opportunities for household gatherings and traditions.

Scripts By Asmaa

A Christmas Like No Other
A jet setting career woman seeking to host a Christmas to fulfill her grandfather’s unusual request, finds herself falling in love with small-town life and the farmer who helps her uncover life-changing family secrets.
Feature Family, Romance For sale 105pp
A Leavenworth Christmas
Headed to the city where her parents found true love, a play-it-safe teacher falls for the charming risk taker chosen for her dream job.
Feature Family, Romance For sale 107pp
Christmas Letters
A single mother ballet instructor is hired by a manager of a famous rapper to co-write a song under misguided intentions where hearts and families are found and mended.
Feature Family, Romance For sale 104pp
Kingdom of Treasures - Magical Mountain
Working toward her godmother wings, a fairy must work to correct a terrible twist of fate that separated a mother and child, and in doing so, restore a kingdom.
Feature Animation, Family, Fantasy For sale 122pp