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B. S. Carter
Mount Pleasant, United States

B. S. Carter began his writing career in second grade writing one-page (wide rule) sequels to movies like The Terminator.  

B. S. attended the University of South Carolina (the other USC) and graduated with a Liberal Arts degree in Media Arts (concentration Film).  While in college, B. S. won the Havilah Babcock Short Story Prize for his short story “Guts,” in which a high schooler tries to stop his best friend from committing suicide. 

After college, B. S. moved to Los Angeles with his wife.  There, for nine years, he wrote, rewrote, smoked, PA-ed for free, PA-ed for money (worked for David Lynch), worked as a reader at production companies, quit smoking, and couldn’t get arrested to save his life as a writer.

Eventually, B. S. and his wife (and now a son) left California (in a sandstorm) and moved back to South Carolina.  There, oddly enough, he sold three short scripts (two comedies and one thriller) and optioned a low-budget action feature screenplay. 

B. S.’s feature and pilot scripts have collectively ranked at the finalist, semi-finalist, and quarter-finalist levels in contests as varied as Screencraft, The Script Lab, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices, Fade In, and Project Greenlight.

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