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Ba Kiwanuka
Kampala, Uganda

My writing career has spluttered on and off since my days in secondary school. However once I embraced the internet (I hail from Uganda, East Africa so this wasn't that way way back) it kicked into high gear. Originally I was writing for websites and blogs until one day a friend suggested that since I like movies so much why not write screenplays. The idea took root and I started writing scripts for people on freelancer sites. After I got a number of pretty good reviews from satisfied customers I thought to myself why not aim for the big leagues. Yup! That's a whole different ballgame and I'm still learning the ropes. But as they say writing is 90% rewriting and practice makes perfect so those are the tenets I'm following. But ultimately the biggest joy from writing is creating a world or existence that takes on a life of its own that people in the real world can truly enjoy.


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Scripts By Ba

A routine kill for a serial killer becomes anything but.
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After the suicide-death of her son a psychiatrist seeking redemption fosters a traumatized kid which unleashes a series of terrifying events that almost destroy her family.
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Lucked Out
A man gets murdered and now the unlucky teenage witness hunted by hostile authorities and brutal killers must use her circus skills to save herself and her family.
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Tome of Vanity
Two airhead high school seniors ponder the mysteries of their universe.
Short Comedy Available for Free 5pp