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Barry John Terblanche
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Who am I... A man with a hundred stories. You wanna read one? ~ I’m a white male, 50, I live in the most beautiful country of South Africa. By trade, I’m an electronics technician. Now retired. By passion, I’m a screenwriter of over five years. A writer of features, T.V series, and shorts. I write across all genres. My forte been suspense, mystery, paranormal, and comedy. My voice is my somewhat conceptual imagination. All my work is original and unique. My characters will never tell my story… they live it! And, they will always bring their best. I know the “writers rules”… 3 Act, incite-conflict-resolve, blaa, blaa. Don’t mean I need to follow them. My writing style is: Write your story. Your story wants out. Let it out. It wants to be what it is… Not told what to be! That said, I will always follow and abide by format, and structure. As an avid movie lover, and after having read a feature script for the first time, some five years back. I was hooked! The concept/format of showing a story I can be part of, and not told of... I now had a format in which I could write my stories. Why screenwriting and not story writing books? - Hereto is a copy/paste of the introduction page to a book I wrote and published. A collection of short movie scripts. (All of which I wrote)   

A novelist and a screenwriter will give you the same story. 
Novelists write books. They TELL stories. They can, and are expected to, go into detail while describing the atmosphere, characters, environment, locations, etc. They can go on for pages and ages doing so. Screenwriters write movie scripts. They SHOW you a story that they put you into. They write giving you the basics to understand the story. They tell the story in the shortest amount of words. The rest is your imagination...  Which it should be.

I don’t have a degree in literature, screenwriting, filmmaking, or other. I owe my skill-set to my passion to want to learn the business. Of which I have from all the books and self-study courses. And, largely to the many screenwriting forums, I’m a member of. Yeah, I’m a big fan of the “discussion lounges”. Where else can you have a cup of coffee with a few thousand other screenwriters, producers, filmmakers and the likes. The sharing of information and knowledge across such a scope, from real people in the industry, is priceless!    

My scripts. I’m open to optioning my shorts. To read the scripts of my high concept features and television series? A release form will first need to be entered into and signed.

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Scripts By Barry John

Donald Trump has been shot! God and the Devil argue in not wanting to take him. And both have good argumentative reason as to what this arrogant loud mouth will do to their respective "residents".
Short Adventure, Comedy For sale 15pp
3 readers love this script
Psychology 101
Psychology 101 - Don't answer your cell phone and speak-out, whilst your patient is in hypnosis! He may remember your conversation.
Short Drama For sale 2pp
2 readers love this script
A Quiet Night
A quiet hotel bar - an attractive woman and a handsome man. The woman attempts to solicit him, only to end up on the other end of the stick. Not that she minds...
Short Romance For sale 9pp
2 readers love this script
Stay awake Mary
Snow blizzard. Quiet forest road. A lone woman picks up a stranded man, saving his life. In turn, saving her life.
Short Drama For sale 8pp
1 reader loves this script
Lucky Harry
A suicidal man is interrupted by a house burglar. They confront each other in the most peculiar way. In that, neither can get what they want without the other one's help!
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 22pp
1 reader loves this script
HELL... Its over crowded here.
Hell is bursting at the seam... Satan goes up to investigate. He'll discover the world above is not as it wants was. Life on earth makes Hell look like the Hilton Hotel.
Short Comedy For sale 21pp
1 reader loves this script
Alley Cats
A domesticated Persian cat's freedom of street life is challenged by three street hobo's. Blood will be spilled in a dark alley...
Short Action, Adventure For sale 6pp
1 reader loves this script
Dear Santa
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Barry John Terblanche
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 2pp
Be Someone
A hobo is given a second chance at life. His dying savior asks only one thing of him. Be someone.
Short Drama For sale 10pp
Dream Sequel
We dream about true love... What if it dreamt about you!
Feature Drama, Mystery For sale 90pp