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Barry John Terblanche
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Who am I... A man with a hundred stories. You wanna read one? ~ I’m a white male, 50, I live in the most beautiful country of South Africa. By trade, I’m an electronics technician. Now retired. By passion, I’m a screenwriter of over five years. A writer of features, T.V series, and shorts. I write across all genres. My forte is suspense, mystery, paranormal, and comedy. My voice is my somewhat conceptual imagination. All my work is original and unique. My characters will never tell my story… they live it! And, they will always bring their best. 

Screenplay writing aside. As a career, I’m a freelance screenplay competition reader/feedback/coverage/judge-report writer for a good few well-known companies. I also offer my service direct to all that want a professional read and a detailed analysis report on their screenplay. As a screenplay writer myself, I know that sometimes what you really need is someone to give it to you straight – no bull!

For detailed information, please do click on the following link:  Script Analyst | LS Book Services, LLC 

Barry John Terblanche


Scripts By Barry John

They Just Peasants
When American President gave the order; Launch missile, they just peasants! There came grave consequences! One mans abuse of power that shook the world.
Short Action, Drama, War For sale 23pp
An Angel In A Bar
A man that can see both Heavens and Devils Angels. Is paid a visit in a bar by both, for a sin he has NOT YET committed.
Short Mystery For sale 4pp