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Barry Katz

I have enjoyed creative writing from as far back as I can remember. It's the one talent in life I can truly say I have. While I don't currently make my living as a screenwriter, it is certainly something I aspire to do. For now, I enjoy the art of making art and most of all, I enjoy sharing my art with those who find it interesting. Several of my shorts have already been produced and I'm hoping to land a deal with a feature or television script.


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Scripts By Barry

Bon Appétit
A jubilant gourmet stops at nothing to please.
Short Comedy, Family For sale 1pp
3 readers love this script
An unsuspecting woman is about to make a life-changing decision.
Short Crime, Thriller For sale 4pp
2 readers love this script
Lavery Pines
An eccentric group of seniors residing at a posh retirement home set out to prove that life can be fabulous at any age.
Web Series Pilot Comedy Available for Free 23pp
3 readers love this script
The Bathroom Attendant
A little role reversal in the men's room.
Short Comedy Available for Free 2pp
2 readers love this script
Light Lunch
A hungry man struggles to stretch a dollar at an upscale salad bar.
Short Comedy Available for Free 2pp
2 readers love this script
Childhood Fragments
A family struck by tragedy receives a welcome visitor.
Short Drama Available for Free 3pp
Office Shenanigans
A lowly temp at a mortgage company is fortunate to have a job, but with co-workers like these, who needs one?
Short Comedy Available for Free 21pp
Nickel and Dimed
In this spec mortgage company commercial, a smarmy salesman nickel and dimes an unassuming borrower who is trying to complete a home loan application.
Short Comedy Available for Free 1pp
Don't Remind Me
A doctor's perfect life unravels when a down-and-out ladies' man arrives on his doorstep to cash in on an I.O.U. from grade school.
TV Pilot Comedy Available for Free 52pp