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Barry Staff
London, United Kingdom

"Some kinda screenwriter," Barry was born and raised in the UK. His career has been rather 'punk' - periods of full and part-time education (ending on a postgraduate Diploma in Film Studies)  intercut with ‘McJobs’ (roof-rack assembler, computer helpdesk, beer bottler, reject furniture salesman, draughtsman, goods inward operative, briefly a bouncer. . .), all the while writing on the side. Now with the writing paramount, he has 12 spec feature screenplays, a TV sitcom and 16 short scripts, four of the latter having been filmed. Apart from competition successes, he's - SO FAR - had a purchase offer on one feature screenplay, an option on another and a shopping agreement on a third.

Scripts By Barry

Risk Capital
A meticulously planned contract cancelled, a disgruntled hitman wants to take a break at the resort instead but needs to see its bright lights cast mean shadows.
Feature Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 90pp
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Convinced it's his elusive lover's 'sonic' vengeance causing his beloved London's keynote buildings to vanish, a spaced-out musician turns PI to trace her, thereby having to decide where his true interests lie.
Feature Crime, Fantasy, Film-Noir, Thriller For sale 80pp
Wanting to exploit fronting a telethon for career re-launch, a has-been comedian needs to thwart two armed revolutionaries taking him hostage there to expose comedy itself a form of exploitation.
Feature Comedy, Thriller For sale 85pp
Wanting to develop and transmit a 'happy' virus worldwide (mental contagion getting everyone on the same wavelength to solve global issues), an unhappy brainiac needs to realise others will do anything to stop him.
Feature Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 80pp
Wanting up before oxygen expires, a woman in a tiny, malfunctioned submersible needs to overcome resistance to all her attempts to resurface the vessel. ('Buried' in 'The Abyss - 100% contained with NO water involved.)
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 90pp
Wanting his new ultra-eco-friendly home to woo his estranged wife, a meek designer needs to 'go ape' when the world and his wife come calling seriously threatening his whole existence.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 99pp
The Third Degree
Wanting a meaningful relationship for once, a strung-out womaniser goes to a quiet beach to try for one with Nature herself, but needs to prove his sincerity to make any headway.
Short Comedy Available for Free 10pp
Hidden Depths
Wanting to resurface in a tiny malfunctioned submersible before life support systems expire, a woman needs to overcome the fellow crewman (her ex), who thinks it's hopeless and wants to die having sex.
Short Comedy For sale 10pp
Diagnosed as terminally ill, a rebellious teen wants to live as a vampire but is convinced he needs the required nourishment only from his distraught mother.
Feature Horror For sale 90pp
Wanting to stop his warring parents splitting-up, a troubled teen needs to use his audio skills to mashup his secret recordings of their arguing and present the composition to them - before it's too late.
Short Drama Available for Free 10pp