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Beau Thompson
Dallas, United States

Starting out as a writer and then real world set in and had to support family so went into teaching. For the last 28 years I have been teaching AP Social Studies and was a coach and athletic director. Now that my sons are grown up and I walked away from coaching and about to retire from teaching I am now back to what I have always loved acting/writing. I like to use my wild younger days for the basis of how I see the world. I do not have a specific genre but tend to take the twisted path rather than the contemporary.

Scripts By Beau

Willie Mae, an analytical and strong-willed officer drops out of Quantico and returns to Dallas, TX where she is tasked to deal with the strangest and worst cases
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Fantasy For sale 49pp
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Knight Games
The universe is in layers and power between these layers influence our lives and the lives of those who never know. The ultimate conspiracy.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 103pp
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Isobel has the magical ability to put emotional intent into a client's tattoo, which will lead both her and her clients down paths they never foresaw.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, Thriller For sale 39pp