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Ben Fiore
Valley Stream, United States

Ben Fiore is an award winning, New York based screenwriter. Several of his short and feature length screenplays have garnered recent wins and high placement awards in top screenwriting contests and mainstream film festivals. He is the co-creator and head writer of "The Mamaluke”, a comedy web series starring Johnny 'Roastbeef' Williams ("Goodfellas", "Green Book"). A retired NYC Police Officer, he served in both the NYC Transit Police (patrolling New York's subways) and the NYPD. Ben participated in the rescue and recovery mission at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Ben is also the security advisor and stage assistant of Shawn Klush, the world's premier Elvis Tribute Artist. 

***NOTE: If you are a filmmaker, producer or agent and you are actively seeking material, then  by all means, please contact me and request such material. If you are another screenwriter, I would like to remind you, with all due respect, that I am in the 'same boat' you're in, trying to get my material into the proper hands. I do not request material from other screenwriters, so please don't ask. Thanks and best of luck!