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Ben Jones
Brighton, United Kingdom

My development journey in writing includes being part of the team writing for the long-running BBC drama Doctors and holding an MA in Creative Writing for Script and Screen (graduating with a high distinction in 2020) ...

I have also been a performer on stage and in front of the camera for over 20 years appearing on some of the country's best-known stages, best-loved TV shows, and collaborating with leading practitioners of the industry. 

I believe that my experience as an actor gives me a channel into the understanding of character and human behaviour, and an empathy and instinct for the actions of the characters I create.  Not only does this mean that I take great care to create credible dialogue but that my writing is truly character-led: the plot serving actions that my characters are compelled by nature to take.

I write journeys of self-realisation and set them in precincts as varied as alternate universes and taxi cabs.  I try to find the massive in the mundane and the humour in the darkness.

The ambition is to create engaging, moving and talk-worthy content to entertain and connect with people in a unique way.

I am passionate to keep learning how to do this until I can no longer hold a pen.