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Benjamín-Tomer Acosta

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Benjamín-Tomer Acosta
Los Angeles, United States

Born in the glorious decade of the 1980s, I grew up in the Los Angeles area never fully appreciating it until I left . As a teenager and young adult in the 1990s, I dabbled in underground street art (that’s a nice way to say graffiti) and played in electro-rock bands and trip-hop groups across SoCal. In the 2000s, I lived in various Middle Eastern countries, studying the inner-workings and processes of revolutionary and militant organizations. Since the early 2010s, I have worked as an empirical researcher and professor. Today, my creative writing represents an effort to utilize the other side of my brain and do my part to inspire freethinking, self-perseverance, and (if need be) resistance—especially within the communities of underrepresented BROWN peoples living the Western World and Mediterranean.


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