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Benjamin Hinnant
Columbus, United States

A Georgia native and ex-military (11Bravo), I began writing in 2001 when a friend asked me to script a short feature for him. I accepted the challenge and found the experience rewarding. This is when I decided to commit my spare time to creating a second career for myself as a writer. I did manage to land an agent after completing my first full-length, legit screenplay, but nothing ever came of it. I've since completed a handful of other feature scripts and a pilot and am working on several more projects. It has been an off and on struggle getting my work noticed by the right filmmakers, but I remain dedicated to my talent knowing that it is about being ready at the right place and at the right time. 

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Scripts By Benjamin

The First Cut
From Forensic Pathology Fellows to Medical Examiners. Through suicides, homicides, the natural, unnatural, and undetermined deaths, mass casualties, and pandemics. From colleagues to friends.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 63pp
3 readers love this script
The Night Watchman
Anchorage, Alaska. A black teenager fatally shot. A night watchman claiming self-defense. The evidence proves it was murder. Until a police chaplain uncovers the truth which could cost him his life.
Feature Thriller For sale 120pp
1 reader loves this script
Together they hunted and brought to justice a dangerous serial killer. Now all they have to do is survive the trial.
Feature Crime For sale 102pp
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