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Benjamin James

Welsh born screenwriter currently living in the Inland Empire of Southern California.
I have written 10 feature length screenplays, and several shorts. I have worked with numerous producers on a variety of projects.
I have worked with several production companies such as Hero Pictures and Black Horse Productions. The latter are currently filming a
short script I wrote on assignment. I predominately write in the thriller genre but am open and willing to cover more territory;
especially if the story calls for a choreographed dance sequence and several training montages.
I am currently working on a mini-series with a director from Malibu.

I am looking to work with great talent to produce my work and to produce others. I am very adaptable and generously collaborative, and I have never once called my script; "My baby".






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Scripts By Benjamin

A female exorcist must find the possessed girl who was kidnap while in her care
Feature Thriller For sale 84pp
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The City of No Children
A young woman who works at a women's homeless shelter decides to hunt down the man supposedly responsible for the kidnapping of numerous children.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 88pp
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Revenge Night
In a small mid western town, a local high school holds a secret annual event that allows the victims of merciless bullies to inflict their own brand of revenge on their tormentors. All without fear of consequence and retaliation.
Feature Thriller For sale 88pp
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