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Benn Flore
Goes, Netherlands

Benn Flore is a Dutch published writer and marketeer with his own agency Florad Fantasy. Today he works on novels, screenplays and every year one (short) movie production on days he isn't playing soccer with his grandchildren. Long time ago he wrote for Dutch tv-comedians and had his cartoons published in newspapers. Benn took up writing again after retrieving from his local marketing company. Five of Flore's books are published, some have been (native) translated into English and adapted into short movies.

Awards starting with his first novel
In 2010 Benn Flore won the Dutch local version of the Roosevelt Award by the Roosevelt Academy with his first novel 'Three Religions, One Killer'. The award was presented by Franklin D. Roosevelts great-grandchildren.

His first screenplay, Just Divorced, to Cannes, Beverly Hills and St. Petersburg
Benn's first screenplay, tragic comedy 'Just Divorced', won the Cannes Golden Plume in 2017. In 2018 it was Official Selected by the prestigious Beverly Hills Film Festival. A short version of the screenplay is adapted into an English audio book and a 23-min. low budget short is produced in the Netherlands with English subtitles. As the short was screened in St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kiev there also is a Russian subtitled version. In St. Petersburg the short won the White Nights Peoples Choice Award. 

Benn's second screenplay, Restaurant la Vérité, to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Richmond and Rome
The story continued by writing a second screenplay. 'Restaurant la Vérité, the American Dream' won Los Angeles EDGE November 2019 Award and made to quarter-,semi- or finalist in Rome, Los Angeles, St. Francisco and Atlanta, Richmond. A rewritten version was adapted into a 50 minutes movie released in 2020. 

Benn's first short, Eyewitness, in Romania and Austin
The 33 pages short Eyewitness won the crime genre of Romania's Let's Make It Competition and is semi-finalist in Austin's Table Read Competition 2021.

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Scripts By Benn

Just Divorced, or how to rob the Maffia
After 40 years of miserable marriages, two 60-year-old totally opposite men are happily divorced and broke. They start dating new ladies make expensive promises and decide to rob the maffia to live happy ever after.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 91pp
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An old man trips over a dead body, becoming the key witness in a murder investigation. The only problem? He’s blind
Short Crime, Thriller For sale 34pp
Restaurant La Vérité
To eat better leftovers from La Vérité's garbage bin, homeless Betrand and his 12-year-old refugee protege secretly drop cooking tips in the restaurant letterbox. These make its discriminating owner famous.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 111pp