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Nairobi, Kenya

My name is Benson Kioi from Kenya. I am an article writer and good imaginative storyteller and song composer. Although my educational background did not involve writing as a proffession, but my writting passion developed from exposure to online academic writing that I practised immedeately after college. Since childhood I liked composing and telling bedtime stories most developed from imagination and interpreting watched movies. During my leisure time I like watching movies, thus together with my imaginative mind, I would wish to explore this line of script writing . I will start with bringing a different dimension on remaking of a previous movie produced in Kenya during the early 80's and since it is a start I would wish to score a rating of 5/10 or more. I believe this will make me aspire to specialize much on movie story remakes and also developing a part 2 or 3 storylines and scripts of previoulsly produced movies; In the long run. This is in view of improving on them and also use them as a guide not to deviate from the major or primary idea(story) behind the movie. 

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Scripts By BENSON

Sheena returns to Africa to rescue her father, but she meets a bigger play than she expected.
Feature Adventure For sale 3pp
Sheena encounters more than meets the eye as she returns to Africa to save her father.
Feature Adventure Seeking finance 3pp