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Bill Albert
Iowa City, United States

The first book I wrote was in the second grade and it was about an 8 foot tall Martian who gets a wish from a genie. Seriously. I have to admit it hasn't always been going uphill since then.

About 25 years ago I started writing earnestly and the first book I wrote was a Doctor Who novel. I even got it to the point where I professionally submitted it to the Dr. Who novel range at the BBC but it was too late. They had decided to close the range when the new series was announced weeks after I had made a submission so I'll never know if it would have been accepted. Encouraged though, I then wrote a sci-fi time travel novel, no coincidence, called Time Web Tremors that I self published. I also wrote a four book YA sword and sorcery series beginning with The Secrets of Starpoint Mountain. You can find out more about that series going to STARPOINT MOUNTAIN

Ten years ago I began writing and producing short films at a local public access station in Iowa City, Iowa and these are available on Vimeo. The Burning Room, Death's Game and It's Not Easy Being A Zombie have been shown in festivals across the United States plus, England, Brazil, Indonesia and Canada. After doing more than two dozen short films and documentaries I started to expand my script writing goals and have moved in to bigger projects.

The Pack is a horror film that was called a cross between Thirty Days of Night meets The Purge with a majority of the characters being young college aged students and dealing with a pack of vampires coming into a college town. These characters are all about to face not just outer demons but their darkest secrets. Not everyone survives and everyone changes. These are also not your father's vampires. These are not sparkly vampires in love. These are animals, brutal, and, most importantly, hungry.  Once an official, usually the coroner, confirms they are present a CRIMSON ALERT is broadcast. Stay inside, stay hidden, don't let them find you. I actually tried to produce this script, I specifically wrote it with that as a goal, but it was just to big to do as a volunteer work. I tried a Gofundme campaign to make it happen but couldn't get it to work.

Welcome to Nowhere was originally written as a novel before I was able to get involved in filmmaking and became the idea for a horror feature script. It takes place on a space station less then a century in the future. Mankind is reaching out, exploring the galaxy, but still isn't prepared for what happens when they come back. It's not what's in the darkness that you should be afraid of. In this case it's the darkness itself that will scare you.

"On November 11/9 25 nuclear bombs went off across the United States. There were supposed to be 26 but one has been hidden.  She just can't remember where."   

In the Shadows of November has been my primary work for along time. Originally a novel it became a film idea when I got involved in Iowa City public access TV. Originally I wrote a 5 episode story and even started shooting but, luckily, realized there was no way that would ever get done. I rewrote it geared as a pilot episode, that's what's available here, and shot a version of that. It's 53 minutes and took 375 days to shoot. Thehe pilot script has been selected to several festivals, awarded in three, and took the gold in the 2018 Hollywood Screenplay Contest. I have been pitching it through Stage 32 and have had interesting feedback, but no takers. I want you to know I'm not just selling an idea here. I have a synopsis for the episodes in the series already written so both Look Books and a Series Bible are available. A producer will know on day one what they will need to get to the final shot. How many writers will give you an offer like that?

During the past few pitches producers have asked if I've written anything outside the genre. Something not in sci-fi or fantasy? Finally a friend said she felt I really need to go outside my comfort zone. I went as far outside as I could possible get and 10:28:22a.m., 102 minutes of September 11, 2001 was the result. Lots of hard decisions, a complete change in writing style, and there it is.





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