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Bill Lonero
San Francisco, United States

As a musician, I have four albums to my credit ("Slather", "Relentless", "J.F.L." and "The Defiant Machine").  "The Defiant Machine" was named "one of the 50 most noteworthy albums of the last 50 years" by Guitar Player magazine. I have recorded/performed with Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Simon Kirke (Bad Company)Mike Mangini (Dream Theater/Steve Vai/Extreme). Gigi Gonaway (Mariah Carey), Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani) and more. I was a member of the platinum selling rock band Steelheart for a year and toured with my own band LoNero for 15 years. My latest venture is a new band called The Royal Rebels. My music has been licensed by MTV Video Music Awards, VH-1 "That Metal Show", Discovery channel, BBC and many more. 

As a writer,  I am the co-author of "Terasosue Island: The Madness of Oren Nightshade". A fantastical children's novel.  I have just completed my third script, "Through the Eyes of the Devil”. The previous two being, "The Last Stage" and "Stealing Vince".

As an entrepreneur, I am the inventor/designer of Straptight straplocks, the simplest and most affordable guitar strap locks ever made. I used to own my own full-service photography agency but sold it after I realized I preferred landscape photography over studio photography. I was the EVP Specialist for the TV show "Ghost Hunters" for 14 years.

 I am a very creative individual. I like telling stories both musically and verbally. I like to stay busy and keep my creative juices flowing. I've been training in Krav Maga and Combat Hapkido 6 times per week for the last 5 years. I don't like sitting still. One of my quotes is: "Success can only be achieved when effort exceeds desire". 

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Scripts By Bill

Through the Eyes of the Devil
When a veteran detective is confronted by a brutal serial killer, he must seek the expertise of a famed self-centered novelist to try to stop him. However, he has his own agenda.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 94pp
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