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Bill Lundy has written two highly-rated original films for SyFy, Silent Warnings and Alien Siege, sold two stories to Star Trek: Voyager, and optioned over a dozen scripts.  He served as Chairman of the non-profit Scriptwriters Network for over seven years, has been a screenwriting teacher and consultant, and contributed to several popular books, including “Now Write: Screenwriting” and “Q&A: The Working Screenwriter.”  Bill also wrote liner notes and package copy for over 200 movies for Warner Bros. and Universal Studios.

Scripts By Bill

Time Slingers
A strong-willed female scientist from the future teams up with a daredevil space pilot and a bounty hunter from the Old West to stop an alien invasion of Earth.
Feature Sci-Fi, Western For sale 100pp
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The Legend of Croglin Grange
An ambitious reality TV producer gets bitten by a 200-year-old vampire and is forced to choose between exposing his existence or magically going back in time to stop the witch who cursed him.
Feature Fantasy, Horror For sale 101pp
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Live and Let Buy
The world’s greatest superspy gets fired and becomes a Superstore greeter, where he learns about life and love in the real world and gets one last chance to stop his arch-enemy from destroying America.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 106pp
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Infinity's End
At the End of Time, a desperate fugitive turns to the man she once deserted to help her save the universe.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 109pp
Changing Destiny
A young woman, burdened with psychic dreams, learns to embrace them when she begins sharing one particular dream with an idealistic computer whiz, and together they rush to prevent a global technological disaster.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 111pp
The Vamurai Prophecy
A noble, Undead warrior discovers his destiny when he survives execution, reunites with his lost love, and begins a quest to liberate his people from a race of ruthless wizards.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy For sale 115pp