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Bill McIntyre
Penticton, Canada

I've been kicking around the screenwriting world for a couple of decades, after starting out as a print, television and radio journalist. I have lived in five different Canadian provinces, lived in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile, trekked through the Northern Amazon rainforest of Ecuador and sampled some great beer in Germany and rum in Cuba.
In previous lives, I have also worked as a horse wrangler,  wilderness hunting and fishing guide (for which I make no apologies), tourism developer, and environmental projects communications consultant, and media trainer.
I am the author of many feature articles in newspapers and magazines,  hosted a television news program on cable tv and have just finished an adventure novel for the young adult market.
 I have appeared in two films, (both now ancient history) Termini Station with Colleen Dewhurst, and Klondike Fever with Jeff East, as a Mountie,  in minor roles.

I was also the writer, field producer and on-camera interviewer for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network show (APTN), Aboriginal Voices, as well as having hosted a news program titled Front Line on a cable television network.
 I have been on hiatus from screenwriting for the past several years but have recently completed a western genre feature-length script titled The Wounded. I have just released my most recent script, The Inventor, which is about as far from the Western Genre as one can get. It was a real challenge. It is a complete re-do of Little Green Men. My focus now is on family-oriented stories that seek to combine some aspects of science, technology and the assumption that we are not alone in the universe.   
I live with my wife of many years, France,  in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia and am feeling re-energized in resuming my screenwriting efforts.
As an amateur historian and archeologist, I am particularly interested in ancient history from the Mesopotamian Fertile Crescent region and the cradle of civilization in the Middle East and their connection to pre-Columbian North America. 
Also, of particular interest to me is the history of North American Natives in the pre-contact period and work hard to avoid stereotyping.


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Scripts By Bill

The Wounded
An ex-Union soldier wants revenge for the vigilante lynching death of his wife and loss of his children after the Civil War.
Feature Comedy, Drama, History, Western For sale 115pp
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