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Bill Robertson

I grew up on a farm. T.V. was a window into the world outside my rural community. I liked cartoons the most. And reruns of Star Wars and First Blood on prime time late nights. Comic books molded my imagination as well. The little bit of pop culture I imbibed over my formative years resulted in scene and cliff hanger thought processes. I am a natural at shaping disparate imaginational elements into cohesive story segments. I am a self-taught writer (screen and prose), film director, and film editor.

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Scripts By Bill

Ash vs Evil Dead: PIT STOP
Can Ash escape a Deadite-infested portal to Hell in the middle of the Okefenokee swamp and grab a couple beers for the roadtrip to Elk Grove before the Delta plummets into a sink hole?
Short Comedy, Horror Example of work only 22pp
The Curse Of Spook Hollow
A werewolf hunts for a very specific blood to appease the ancient curse afflicting him - whore's blood.
Short Horror Example of work only 30pp
Those Darn Kids And Their Computers
Learn or die! Kids today know computers while their parents remain blissfully ignorant. When first-person shooter P.C. games converge with technology, kids have the upper hand. And parents are SCARED.
Short Sci-Fi Example of work only 22pp
Tub Talk
A Roger Ebert wannabe living in his mom's basement, Rock lives a life of movies. His imaginary world of critics and commentators is interrupted by the cute, girl-with-special needs next door.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Fantasy Produced 5pp
From My Shelf Books vs The Evil Empire
How is the traditional brick-and-mortar book store to survive online retail? From My Shelf Books isn't going quietly into that dark night because they fight magic with magic.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Fantasy Produced 30pp