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Bill Runyan

I am a retired computer programmer that loves to write. I have written screen plays and shorts and been in shorts and movies. I have also written a book of short stories and am currently finishing a novel. My short, StressMaster 2000, is available on YouTube. My movie, Service with a Smile, which I co-wrote and starred in is available on Vimeo. Almost everything I write is comedic: including my ebook of short stories "Animals with Issues" available on Amazon. My novel is funny too. I know I paid people to tell me that.


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Scripts By Bill

She Came from Beyond Infinity
An alien comes to earth to enslave earthlings. Her evil plan is thwarted by two teenagers with help from a professor.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp
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Sometimes tattoos can go horribly wrong.
Feature Comedy Available for Free 90pp
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