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Billy Rees
Bristol, United Kingdom

Billy Rees has been writing screenplays for over ten years - creating a number of short films, full feature films, as well as a TV series. He started out writing comedy but then moved on to what has now become his absolute passion - gritty dramas that keep the audience guessing right until the very end. Billy's clever use of clues and hidden messages throughout his scripts offer the audience a huge rewarding finale. Billy loves to play with the audience and keep their allegiances with the characters uncertain. 
Billy has also produced and directed short films - the most recent of which has enjoyed success, with Best screenplay nominations as well as a best director award for Billy's directorial debut.

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Scripts By Billy

The Namurt Discovery
Two top scientists carrying out research on a planet that could be suitable for the human race find themselves in conflict as one of them struggles with the mission’s limitations.
Feature Drama For sale 61pp
2 readers love this script
Three Years
A man and his little girl evade a war zone in an underground bunker. When supplies run low the man is faced with a decision that could ruin the life he's worked hard to maintain.
Short Drama, Mystery In development 24pp
1 reader loves this script